About us

Let me first introduce myself before I proceed onto introducing our endeavour I am Atul Agarwal a Construction Technologist graduated in 1997 to Urban & Regional Planning from CEPT University, Ahmedabad one of the world’s renowned and India’s best institution in domain of built form.I opted for Jharkhand for my work place in 1997, as this was to become a separate state becoming a reality in end of 2000.

Being a plateau Jharkhand enjoys a unique topography. Lush green jungles with lots of rivers and water bodies. With its topography comes the challenge as well. The biggest being water management. And I must admit we could do a far better job in this area than what presently we are able to do. The need of the hour is to have comprehensive water shed management and integrated water supply scheme for the bigger towns to begin with.However presently these areas are typically under government’s stewardship in which as an individual I could not get in.<

Hence on a small scale I wanted to do something. In the same field what I have observed is people are using RO water, which typically wastes about 60% to 70% of input water over and above destroying health slowly. Lot of people I met wanted a better solution to stop water wastage and regain their health.

The next best solution to Home Water System in India is brought to us by 3M, an American company working in this area for now about 75 years.So we bring to you this well researched tested and ultra high quality product range for whole house as well drinking water solutions in eastern India for the first time. All products are imported with the highest manufacturing standards with a very high end use guarantee.