Excess chlorine in water imparts bad smell and unpleasant taste to your water. 3M™ Chlorine Removal System (IAS802C) uses pre-activated carbon technology to remove excess chlorine from your water, hence improving the quality of water throughout your house.
3M™ Chlorine Removal System (IAS802C) is the perfect solution to the bad smell and taste of chlorine in your water. Installed at the entry of the house, it provides chlorine odor and taste free water throughout the house, without any electricity consumption and without any water wastage.


Chlorine Taste and Odour Removal
No Electricity Required
Zero Water Wastage
Minimal Maintenance


IAS802C – Large Diameter heavy duty housing systems with pressure relief button helps manage high water flow rates. The system removes chlorine taste and odor issues in water.

FDA Approved

manufactured from FDR-CFR-21 Compliant material.

NSF Certified

Tested and Certified by NSF.

Pressure Relief Button

Helps avoid pressure buildup.